TICF Careers


  • Job Summary
  • Responsibilities
  • Required Skills and Abilities

Job Summary

Responsible for the effective and efficient functioning of the Facilitation Centre’s end to end processes and passionately support the vision and strategies of FC.


Core duties

  • Planning, Monitoring and Managing.
    • 1 Execute the FC strategies and plans time to time
    • 2Plan and contextualize approaches to local realities
    • 3Monitor progress
    • 4Manage the overall functioning of FC
  • Managing and Facilitating classes
    • 1Create centre discipline guidelines for effective running of the classes
      • aLeave and permission guidelines
      • bClass discipline
      • cDress code
    • 2Manage and facilitate the delivery of “peer learning methodology” and provide feedback and suggestions for effective and efficient implement of the model
    • 3Familiar with adequate learning techniques to accelerate the pace of learning
    • 4Timely evaluation of individual students learning progress
    • 5Follow up on long absent/irregular students
  • Promoting FC
    • 1Promote FC at the local level- schools, colleges, institutions etc.
    • 2Maintain database of prospective students and follow-up, call free registration contacts, market during walk-in etc.
    • 3Maintaining success stories or testimonials
    • 4Track success percentage of students
  • Strengthen relationships
    • 1Conduct parents-students meeting quarterly
    • 2Handle queries of student and parents
    • 3Individual attention- Knowing each student well
      • aConduct feedback sessions to gather reaction evaluation
      • bCheck individual progress on learning through one-to-one meeting
  • Initiate and plan interventions- Initiate and plan complementary interventions (learning activities, life skills, energizers etc.) to enhance the learning process

Administrative duties

  • Communication- Responsible for timely submission of monthly reports, response to mail communications, evaluation report of students and any other information required by TICF
  • Record keeping
    • 1Maintains attendance, inventory of books, loaning of books (academic, competitive exam) and any other record to improve documentation
    • 2Responsible for timely completion and updating the profile information of students in TICF profile page
    • 3Digitisation of all records

Required Skills and Abilities

Technical skills

  • Familiar with basic MS office processes like word, excel and power-point
  • Possess good communication skills, presentation skills, and convincing skills
  • Basic written and verbal skills in English
  • Basic familiarity with technologies to assist students in the learning process i.e. use of internet, smartboards, projector etc

Relationship skills

  • Possess student friendly attitude and approach, counsel and coach students as required
  • Be a person possessing values like integrity, stewardship, excellence and dignity

Educational qualification required

  • BE/ B.Sc./ME/M.Sc.

Additional requirement

  • Be willing to work on Sundays, national holidays and government holidays
  • Compensatory leave can be avail, working on holidays.

Interested Candidates send the resume to careers@indiacollegefinder.org. We will contact you after the resume verification.