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TICF Choice Filling Assistance Testimonials

TICF had assisted in choice filling and guided me to win over several reputed institutions, but, helped to narrow down the right one.
Kailash Rohit V
JEE Advanced AIR - 5486
Placed in IIT Madras
I utilized TICF’s Educational services. They motivated me and helped in Choice filling and I am in the right place now.
Kaleeswaran M
JEE Advanced AIR - 11451
Placed in IIT Roorkee
Great guidance from TICF team. They helped me and showed the way to reach the goal.
Kiran G Bharadwaj
JEE Advanced AIR - 2726
Placed in IIT Madras
TICF helped to choose the career based on interest and hobby. They assessed my strength and weakness and assisted in choice filling. Without their support I should not have been here.
Krishnakumaran R
JEE Main AIR - 12494
Placed in IIIT Kanchipuram
Without TICF assistance I should not have come to this stage. They have given phenomenal support and Choice filling guidance.
Sandeep Rajan
JEE Advanced AIR - 11197
Placed in IIT Kanpur
TICF has showed the right path based on my understanding and interest. Their choice filling service is very helpful.
Rohyth M
JEE Advanced AIR - 8975
Placed in IIT Kharagpur
TICF’s guidance is inspiring. Their Choice filling assistance has taken me to this level. Great service.
Praveen P R
JEE Advanced AIR - 10258
Placed in IIT Kharagpur
TICF assisted me on time and guided me to choose the right institution. Great Choice filling guideline.
Surya A
JEE Main AIR - 10515
Placed in NIT Trichy
TICF’s sessions were inspiring and very useful. They assisted me in Choice filling and helped to choose the right institution. Incredible service!
JEE Main Engg./Arch. - 23030/8501
Placed in NIT Trichy
TICF sessions clarified my doubts and removed the confusions. They explained various educational opportunities and gave right direction and suggestions to choose the career. Excellent Choice filling suggestions.
Arthi V
JEE Main AIR - 29585
Placed in NIT Trichy
TICF team understood my interests and added great value in choice filling. Their sessions were very informative and useful. T hey put me into the right track. Impressive involvement in Educational services.
Vishwath Kumar D
JEE Main AIR - 31641
Placed in BITS Ranchi
The Guidance and Counselling by TICF team motivated me. Their Choice filling suggestions helped to take right decision. Great work.
Vibin Chakravarthy
JEE Main AIR - 113901
Placed in NIT Trichy