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Number of seats in Other Reputed Institutions for DASA

Number of Seats NIFFT Ranchi under DASA

Couses Metallurgical Manufacturing Total Seats under DASA
Seats 9 11 20

Number of Seats IIIT- Allahabad Main Campus under DASA

Couses ECE IT Total Seats under DASA
Seats 14 28 42

Number of Seats IIIT, Allahabad - Amethi Campus under DASA

Couses IT Total Seats under DASA
Seats 14 14

Number of Seats IIITDM Jabalpur under DASA

Couses CSE ECE Mechanical Engg. Total Seats under DASA
Seats 4 4 4 12

Number of Seats IIITD&M (Kancheepuram) under DASA

Courses CSE (Design & Manufacturing) Total
Electronics Engineering. Mechanical Engineering.
Seats 2 2 2 6

Number of Seats ABVIIITM, Gwalior under DASA

Courses Int. PG [IT/Mngtt] 5 Yrs Total Seats under DASA
Seats 12 12

Number of Seats SLIET, Longowa under DASA

Chemical CSE ECE Food IT ICE Manufacturing Welding Technology Total
14 14 9 9 7 9 9 9 80

Number of Seats PEC, Chandigarh under DASA

Aeronautical CIVIL CSE Electrical ECE IT Metallurgical MECH Production Total
2 9 5 9 10 4 6 9 4 58

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