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NATA for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Checklist

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NATA - For NRI students

The candidate should register in India. while registering he has to give the test from any of the Test centres of their choice in India. The eligibility for NATA remains same. Admission will be given by the respective admission authorities according to the rules for NRIs.

Important notes on Number of Attempts

There is no limit in the Number of attempts for taking the NATA test. But the mark list will show the average of marks scored by the student in his last attempt and his previous valid score.

Do not apply for NATA unless you receive the scorecard of your previous NATA attempt, if you attended the previous.

Checklist while appearing for the Test

  • Official identification document mentioned on the receipt cum appointment voucher
  • The appointment voucher - The receipt cum appointment voucher is issued to the candidate at the timeof registration. The appointment voucher confirms the candidate‚Äôs test date, time of test and Test Center.
  • The voucher will also show Candidate ID and Appointment Number with Exam Key.
  • Three or four sharpened soft-lead (2B & HB) pencils and a good eraser (Pencils and erasers will not be

supplied at the Test Center. Mechanical pencils are not permitted.

Set of colours (Water/ Poster colours, crayons, pastels) with appropriate instruments (Brushes, dish, etc.)

Geometry instrument box

Blue ink pen / Blue ink ball point pen


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Our Educational Expert Clarifications

Mar 12, 2012
IISc Questions

I am a foreign student / NRI. Can I take the test from my country of residence?

No. The stdent will have to register in India and give the test from any of the designated Test centres of his / her choice in India. The qualification process for giving NATA stands the same. Admission will be given by the respective admission authorities according to the rules laid down by it for students of such category.

Feb 25, 2012
IISc Questions

Is National Aptitude Test in Architecture NATA availale for NRIs

Yes, the Non-Resident Indians - NRIs can apply for NATA in India.

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