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JEE Main Application Photgraph Specification 2016

JEE Main Photograph Specification

Get good quality high-contrast front-faced passport-size (3x4 cm) photgraphs of the candidate. The face must cover at least 50% of the total vertical space of the photgraph.

Sample Photograph

JEE Main photograph

Firmly affix the photgraph with gum/other adhesives in the space provided for it in the Confirmation Page. The photgraphs must be not be pinned or stapled.

The photgraph must be duly attested by the head of the institution where the candidate is studying or passed class XII or the Gazetted officer in such a way that part of the signature is on the photgraph and remaining part of the signature is on the Confirmation Page. Attestation should be done on the bottom part of the photgraph so that the photgraph is not defaced.

Name and Date of Taking the Photgraph

The photgraph must indicate clearly the name of the candidate along with the date of taking the photgraph (as shown). The candidate should not use any cap or goggles while taking the photgraphs. Clear spectacles are allowed. Polaroid photos, photos from mobile phones, laptops etc are not acceptable.

Candidates may keep 6-8 identical photgraphs in reserve for use at the time of entrance examination, Counselling and Admission.


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