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About IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)

The Indian Institutes of Technology are Institutions of National Importance (INI) established through an Act of Parliament. These institutes play a leading role in technological manpower development, and have research programs comparable to the best in the world. The admissions to the Undergraduate Programs at these institutions for all Indian and Foreign nationals are made through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). All these institutions are known for providing quality education in science and technology and for research in frontier areas. The environment at these institutions is highly conducive for building a solid foundation of knowledge, development of personality, confidence building, self-discipline, pursuit of excellence, and enhancement of creativity, motivation, and drive. The following IITs and other institutions select their students based on IIT JEE.

  Existing IITs,BHU and ISM New IITs (Mentored by Existing IITs) Institutions considering IIT JEE Extended Merit List
1. IIT Kharagpur (1950) 1 .IIT Bhuvaneshwar (2008) Indian Institute of Science and Education Research (IISER) – Pune (2007), Calcutta (2007) , Mohali (2007), Bhopal (2008) & Thiruvananthapuram (2008)
2. IIT Bombay (1958) 2. IIT Gandhinagar (2008)
3. IIT Indore (2009)
3. IIT Kanpur (1959) 4. IIT Rajasthan (2008)
4. IIT Madras (1961) 5. IIT Hyderabad (2008)
5. IIT Delhi (1961) 6. IIT Ropar, Punjab (2008) Indian Institute of Maritime Studies (IIMS) includes Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI) – Bombay and Calcutta*
6. IIT Guwahati (1994) 7. IIT Patna (2008)
7. IIT Roorkee (1846-2001) 8. IIT Mandi,Himachal Pradesh (2009)
8. IIT Varanasi (formerly known as Institute of Tech., Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), 1919)*  
9. Indian School of Mines (1901) Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Society (RGIPT), Rae Bareli, UP.

(* IT BHU to IIT Varanasi name change over is in process)

Each institute has well-equipped modern laboratories, state-of-the-art computer network, and well stocked technical library. Teaching methods rely on direct personal contact between the teachers and the students, and the use of traditional and modern instructional techniques. Students live in a pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment with people having similar goals and aspirations, which is an exciting and unique experience.

If they would’ve opened one IIT per year, India would’ve more access to quality higher educational institutions and many students would’ve been benefitted. During XI Plan, the government had opened another 8 new IITs has added the total of 15 IITs in the country.

Why Our IITs Are Famous?

The international competitiveness of the IIT undergraduates is reflected in their performance at the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) of the USA, an examination for graduates from all over the world. A comparison of the performance levels at the GRE between the IIT B.Tech’s and those of the three of the best institution in the world is shown in Figure. In no other sphere have any of our Universities and Institutions of higher education come anywhere near MIT, Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley, USA – Institutions which rank among the world’s top ten universities. The faculty and infrastructure facilities available at MIT, Stanford and UCB were much better than IITs. A global consultancy firm, Mckinsey, has reported that they have more IIT graduates in their worldwide force than those from any other University in the world. Today, alumni of these institutions occupy key positions in industry and academia in India and abroad (Source: Rama Rao Committee, 2004).

IITs Comparision

Sources: Rama Rao (2004): Indian Institute of Technology, Report of the Review Committee 2004, p4, MHRD, New Delhi.


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