Special Reservation

Since the special reservation applicants are instructed to enclose separate special reservation form along with the main application. Appropriate certificates or supporting documents for special reservation claim should be submitted.

Special Category Anna Univsersity AUT Govt. Aided Private
Children of Ex-Servicemen 4 seats 4 seats 34 seats 108 seats
Children of Freedom Fighters 2 2 10 seats 6
Eminent Sports Persons 12 seats 488 seats
Orthopaedically Differently Abled Persons 1%
Hearing Impaired 1%
Visually Impaired 1%

Note: Tamil Nadu Native candidates only will be eligible for Special reservations

Sports quota

Relevant certificates for Sports quota should be submitted in person to the Secretary TNEA. visit the list of sports eligible for Sports quota.

Ex-Servicemen Quota

Candidates claiming admission under Ex-Servicemen quota should enclose thecertificate in prescribed format (attached in TNEA application forms). The certificate has to be issued by officer of the Department of Ex-servicemen's Welfare of Tamil Nadu not below the rank of Assistant Director of Ex-servicemenis Welfare of the district in which the dependent is a native. Candidates called for counselling should produce ID cards of their parents.

Freedom Fighters Quota

Candidates claiming reservation under Freedom Fighters should enclose the certificate as per format given, they should also enclose a copy of the Jail Extracts or in its absence, Co-prisoner's Certificate or certificate from Ex-Chief Minister or Ex-Minister or Ex-member of Legislature or Ex-member of Parliament as evidence that the Parent of the candidate is a Freedom Fighter suffered imprisonment for a period not less than one month subject to verification wherever it is found necessary.

Differently Abled Persons Quota

Candidates seeking reservation under orthopaedically Differently Abled Persons / Hearing impaired (Deaf) / Visually Impaired should produce the certificate from the Medical Board of the District concerned certifying the nature and extent of disability in percentage and with regard to his/her suitability for admission to Engineering Colleges specifically mentioned below and in the given Certificate format. Certificates obtained from an individual Doctor will not be considered. Further, a separate Board for each category will examine the candidates with reference to their certificates before counselling. counselling schedule of differently abled persons.

They should also satisfy the general eligibility rules. They are also eligible for admission under general category.

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IISc Questions
Which are the colleges and courses that will be offered to wards of ex-servicemen? name
Allimuthu Mar 05, 2013

Totally 150 seats are allotted to the children of Ex-Servicemen. 4 seats are allotted in Anna University. 4 seats were allotted in the Anna University of Technologies last year (divisions of anna university), 34 seats are allotted in Govt. Aided colleges and 108 seats are reserved in the private engineering colleges.