TICF Key Personnel

A BE graduate from the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Nedunchezian founded Technocrats India College Finder (TICF), a social entrepreneurship venture in the year 2003 after quitting his job in the IT sector. Having closely worked with various committees constituted by the government of India including the Prof.Tandon committee that reviewed the functioning of deemed universities in India, his contribution to the educational sector has been remarkable. Owing to his wide array of educational research experience, he has been empanelled in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for conducting seminars on career guidance for IX, X, XI and XII Std students across CBSE Schools in India and abroad. As a passionate educationist, Nedunchezian strongly believes that one’s intellect cannot be assessed by just one examination. Through his model ‘Educate Alert Support Elevate (EASE)’, he aims at empowering the students with crucial information in choosing the right educational institution that would unleash their potential. His career guidance and counseling programs provide vital information on various educational institutions’ courses and their entrance examinations. He has conducted more than a thousand counseling and guidance seminars in schools, community centers and corporate offices and has done more than 2000 TV programs on career guidance which have proven to be both motivational and eye opening and have benefitted lakhs of people.

Jebamony Mathias holds a degree in masters in engineering from the Madras Institute of technology, Chennai. He began his career as a programmer at Deutsche Software, Bangalore and then at Hewlette Packard, Bangalore before moving overseas as a program analyst in different companies based in Singapore, Switzerland and in the USA. For a major nine years of his career, he was the general manager at CONSIM, Chennai specializing in system architecture and data warehouse management. He has designed and managed several large-scale systems, worth several million dollars. As a technologist, in love with technology and programming, he has over 23 years of experience in software design, architecture and quality. As a researcher, he continues his research in the area of social media analytics. He has also been mentoring, counseling, educating and training students in state of the art technology, and guiding several projects for computer science postgraduates for the award of their degrees. Currently, he serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Technocrats India college finder and plays a key role in design, architecture, product evaluation, strategizing, decision making and providing technology solutions.