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PG Counselling Testimonial

Ashwin Kamaraj,
Placed in Penn State University

...The PG counseling was quiet eye opening , gave me insights into broader and better opportunities that I was blind initially . The seminar has given me a clear path to tried on trans disciplinary programs.

JEE Adv Rank : 9228
Placed in IIT Madras

...With TICF Admission Alert, applied for IISER, NISER and I got admitted into integrated M.Sc Biological Sciences in IIT-Madras and am very happy with my course.

TICF - PG Counselling

  • The awareness about the post-graduate educational options across the country in reputed govt. and govt. aided institutions is very low even in the information explosion era.

  • Students tend to stay nearer to their hometown due to the lack of awareness about the educational options.

  • Create awareness to students to stay in touch on their subjects at the international standards. Connect them to the best universities in worldwide and help them to understand how their faculty members were teaching.

  • Helping them to understand the educational opportunities available beyond their domains and inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary courses options available in India and abroad.

  • Most of these courses will not consider their undergraduate streams. For example, doctors and engineers can study together, similarly medical, engineering and management graduates can study together and there were variety of options are available in India.

  • Even many of them who never did research about the educational opportunities in India during UG also have another opportunity to pursue education in PG based on their interest and passion.

  • TICF will help them to understand the complete educational options available at this juncture to take informed decision.