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The Engineering cut-off marks will be calculated as,

Subjects Total Marks Cut-off Calculation Cut-Off Marks
Mathematics 200 200/2 100
Physics 200 200/4 50
Chemistry 200 200/4 50
Engineering Cut-Off 200/200

For example, if a student secured 197 in Mathematics, 173 in Physics and 176 in Chemistry, then the Engineering Cut-off marks of that student will be as follows

Subjects Total Marks Cut-off Calculation Cut-Off Marks
Mathematics 200 197/2 98.50
Physics 200 173/4 43.25
Chemistry 200 176/4 44.00
Engineering Cut-Off of this candidate 185.75 / 200

The cut-off marks will be generally in the order of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 will be considered for ranking. The candidates should not round of this mark. For example, it will be in the order of 200, 199.75, 199.5, 199.25,.... And so on. Every 0.25 marks will be the crucial one while considered for ranking.  You can Calculate TamilNadu Engineering Cutoff Marks by entering your +2 marks in our website.

Ranking of Students with same Cut-off Marks

In the below table, All the eight students have got same cut-off marks of 197.75. All the eight students secured same marks in mathematics i.e., 200/200. Of these, only 4 students secured same marks in physics, then considering their Chemistry again the same 4 students secured the same marks in chemistry too. Finally, when considering their Biology or Computer Science, their 4th Optional subject, there is a difference in that subject, then Ramesh secured the highest mark on this 4th optional subject considered in the first ranking on that category.

No. Student Name Physics Chem-istry Bio/ Com.Sci Maths Cut-off mark
Physics Chemistry Maths Engg.
1 Ramesh 194 197 195 200 48.5 49.25 100 197.75
2 Radhika 194 197 188 200 48.5 49.25 100 197.75
3 Suresh 194 197 187 200 48.5 49.25 100 197.75
4 Stella 194 197 180 200 48.5 49.25 100 197.75
5 Kumaran 193 198 200 200 48.25 49.5 100 197.75
6 Saravanan 193 198 196 200 48.25 49.5 100 197.75
7 Raja 193 198 195 200 48.25 49.5 100 197.75
8 Meyyappan 193 198 189 200 48.25 49.5 100 197.75

Even if the 4th subject mark might be the same, then the students Date of Birth (DOB) will be considered for giving preference to the one whoever born earlier. Even there is more than one member on the same DOB, then the higher Random number assigned by the Anna University will be considered first in that category.

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Our Educational Expert Clarifications on TNEA

IISc Questions
I have written my CBSE Board Exams XII in Kerala. Will I be eligible to apply for Tamilnadu Engineering Admission? name
Priya Mar 27, 2013

If you are a Native of Tamil Nadu, you can apply for TNEA with a Nativity certificate. If you are belonging to other states, you can apply by TNEA other state quota.

IISc Questions
We are from Tamil Nadu. I am studying 12 in Physics,Chemistry, Maths, Computer science in CBSC Board, Mumbai. How to apply for Tamilnadu Engineering ? name
Sajin Mar 27, 2013

Since you are Native of Tamil Nadu you can apply engineering by producing your Nativity Certificate. The Nativity certificate format will be available in the TNEA application itself. Your CBSC Marks will be normalized for TamilNadu Engineering Rank, admission will be given based on that rank.

IISc Questions
What is the minimum cut off mark need to join auto mobile engineering and I am belong to MBC? name
Kiruba Mar 27, 2013

Every year the cut-off varies. We can not go by previous year cut-off marks, you need to go through the last 6-10 years cut-off marks for that. We cant decide what will be option of thousands of candidates before us. Some may prefer medicine (or) other engineering branches (or) other states good engineering institution (or) some other courses of their choices and so on. We always suggest the college is more important than the course.

IISc Questions
Is CBSE cut-off eligible for anna university counselling? name
Balaji Mar 22, 2012

Yes. CBSE cut-off marks will be calculated as, Maths will be converted for 100 marks, physics will be converted for 100 marks and chemistry also will be converted into 50 marks. The total cut-off marks for 200 will be calculated as. (Maths) + (Physics / 2) + (Chemistry / 2) = 100 + 50 + 50 = 200 / 200. Detailed information on TNEA CBSE cut-off marks.

IISc Questions
How can I calculate the Tamil Nadu Engineering cutoff marks from my 12th Marks. Is there any formula? name
Muthu kumar Mar 05, 2012

Tamil Nadu Engineering cutoff mark is calculated from the 12th Marks. Take your Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics marks. Divide the physics and chemistry marks by 4 and Divide the Maths mark by 2, Add the 3 results you will get the Engineering Cutoff marks out of 200. The formula is simple Cutoff Mark= (Physics / 4) + (Chemistry / 4) + (Maths / 2).