Why TICF’s Career Guidance?

A staggering study found that most students in India are unaware of the majority of opportunities they have after their 12th Board Exams. More than 80 reputed Institutions in India conduct entrance exams, of which 90% exclude Board Examination marks.

However, most students look into a few courses, with inadequate knowledge of their technicalities. (Customized career guidance is provided based on your profile consisting of your abilities and importantly, your interests. Students and parents gain freedom of choice without the stress of exhausting research. Covering the choicest institutes and courses - niche and competitive, along with their requirements and application process, it’s especially helpful if there is uncertainty about courses, as these details will allow you to make a comprehensive decision.

TICF Career Guidance Program

TICF provides the best career guidance in India to all aspiring students. With over 20+ years of experience in empowering students, we can guide them in achieving their dream careers.You don’t have to break a sweat with exhausting research, we, as experts in exploring students' abilities and interests, can provide a balanced solution that combines the merit of both, or a tailor-made solution that fits them.

Purpose of Good Education

As the first step, students will have a brief overview of the Indian Education System and how it evolved over the years. After the session, they will realize that the utmost goal of education is not only about getting employed but imparting knowledge, skills, and values to individuals to become self-reliant and productive for facing the real world.

Opportunities beyond Engineering and Medicine

After completing the 12th class, instead of looking into the common engineering & medical careers, students should be open to exploring all other career options available. Every field has grown over the past decade and we will help both students and parents to see beyond the typical career options, and bring to light the unique educational opportunities for them to choose.

Awareness of various Education Options

In India, students’ awareness of several career-based educational options is limited.

Did you know that the contributions to our economic growth are not only fuelled by elite careers like doctors, engineers, etc. but various other careers or professions also that contribute equally?

Every profession is equally important and there are several education options available in other educational streams. Students should be open to looking into government and government-aided institutions that offer equal opportunities for a bright career. We have a dedicated YouTube channel for creating awareness and guiding students, please check our channel.

According to a recent survey, more than 90% of students are only aware of the typical career options like engineering, IT, medicine, finance, law, etc. But, in reality, we have more than 200+ career options available for students to explore today. We will help students to learn about the education options that suit them best.

College Admission Process

The admission process is a key touchpoint for students, so we help them remove any hassles right from filling out the application to submitting it for approval.

But did you know that around 50-60% of applications do not get to the intended college/institution and opportunities get missed just because there was a small error in filling the application form?

Last-minute delays in uploading the application can also cost you a great opportunity to get into a good institution. Students who are attentive and on-point only make it through, so filling out the application is also important, similar to an examination.

TICF can guide both parents & students by providing all the crucial information like the exam date, checks required before filling the application form, etc., and other complex details helping them get through the admission process successfully by saving the hassle of spending so much time on research.

Exam Patterns

We provide valuable guidance to students about the examination pattern for various competitive exams for which they can prepare themselves, and attend as many exams as possible till they are confident to get into any college or institution of their choice.


Empowering Student Knowledge

Equipping students with the comprehensive information they require to make informed career choices

Explore Different Careers Options

Presenting the best choices in different fields based on student's interest for them to explore

Set Career Goals

Enabling students to set career goals for them to work towards to achieve the desired outcome

Choose your college with confidence with TICF

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Every year TICF has made the dreams of hundreds of students come true by offering smart guidance through Career Guidance programs

Career Guidance

TICF suggested me to appear for Design, Architecture in addition to regular Engineering entrances. Only after clearing NID written test and I appeared for situation test for NID and other design institutions.

M Aravind Balaji

Career Guidance

I attended TICF’s career guidance seminar and that helped me discover a lot more options. I appeared for JEE. With TICF Admission Alert, applied for IISER, NISER and I got admitted into integrated M.Sc in IIT-Madras.


Facilitation Classes

TICF had assisted in choice filling and guided me to win over several reputed institutions, but, helped to narrow down the right one.


Facilitation Classes
Admission Guidance

I Subscribed TICF’s Admission Alert and Applied all Entrance Examinations suggested by them.I applied for the Theoretical Computer course and wrote the entrance exam and I Cleared the Entrance Exam and Interview, I Joined the course in PSG Tech

Midhilesh E

Admission Guidance
Facilitation Classes

Placed In NIT, Trichy
This new approach has really been helpful in developing our speed and knowledge to a great amount.I am able to witness a change in how different my approach is from most of my friends.

Nivedhitha T

Facilitation Classes
Counselling Guidance

Placed In TCE, Madurai

'Every student is a teacher' in TICF is very effective,because we should be through to clear other doubts.On the hole TICF classes are very Effective,Excellent,Incorrigible..,

Kowsalya B

Counselling Guidance
Creative Classes

Placed in NIFT, Chennai
Here,If we get doubts,every one clears the doubt.After joining the class i had a chance to express, my skills and my capacity in front of everyone.


Creative Classes



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